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POLIS, noun:

a city, state or society characterised by a sense of community. 

Polis Partners is a team of advisors that believes in actively supporting government investments that make the places we live better, and the communities that live there stronger.


Who We Are

From the first meeting through to the final outcome, and every day in between, you will be dealing with our senior team of economic experts.


We are the ones providing the advice, undertaking the technical analysis, distilling the insights and presenting the findings to senior stakeholders.


An economist who is a leader in government program development, management and evaluation


An economist who has led the economics and business case analysis for Australia’s largest public infrastructure projects


An economist who has supported Australian, New Zealand and Emirati governments implement policy and infrastructure projects


How We Do It

Driving Change with Experience Evidence and Engagement

Working Together


All of our advice is underpinned by technical economic proficiency, modelling, data analytics and empirical analysis. Our functional capabilities include strategic advice, economic impact analysis, data analytics, business case development, multi-stakeholder facilitation, corporate advisory, financial analysis and economic regulation. 


We employ a range of data analytics and models, to provide bespoke and customised analysis and solutions.

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Our clients include State and Federal governments, bulge-bracket investment banks, top-tier international investors and not-for-profit think tanks.


Our team has been engaged to provide strategic advice to Premiers and Ministers, secretaries and directors, boards and corporate executives, on key public policy, fiscal management and financial services challenges.


We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to deliver the solutions they need.

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How we help

Governments, the private sector and not-for-profits, face problems that have significant economic and social implications. Leaders need tailored solutions that support their decision making, solutions supported by robust and insightful analysis.


Polis Partners works across the lifecycle of these problems. From early strategy and feasibility to business case delivery, impact assessments and economic and financial modelling; through to benefit realisation and program reviews.

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